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💰 Using Instagram to Optimize Your Sales

Good morning, side hustlers, and happy Friday!

In today’s edition, we have:

  • 🛠️ 5 tools to get your side hustle off the ground

  • ⭐ 1 featured tool

  • 🚀 3 top tips to get your entrepreneurship juices flowing

  • 🗞 AI news this week

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Let’s get into it! 🔥

🛠️ Tools for Side Hustlers 🛠️ 
🔍️ What we found for you this week 🔍️ 

  • 🖱️ BrowseAI - The easiest way to extract or monitor data from any site

  • 🍑 Nectar - Turn your social engagement into revenue

  • 🤖 YesChat - Chat with your files/images, generate AI content, and browse the internet with GPT4, all in one place

  • 🏃 MagicDash - Your quick insight assistant

  • 🔁 LoopGenius - Automate your marketing process to land the first 100 customers for your personal brand, side hustle, or business

🖱️ Featured tool: BrowseAI 🖱️

If you are sick of poring through website data, manually compiling it into a spreadsheet, and then filtering for the items you are looking for, then we have a solution for you: BrowseAI. With BrowseAI, a cutting edge AI scraper, you can extract data and import it into a sheet, monitor changes to a website’s data, and use prebuilt robots to fit your various needs.

The best part, no coding knowledge is needed! Browse’s pre-built robots are optimized for your use cases, and they are constantly being updated and maintained to best serve data compilers like yourself. Get started with BrowseAI for free today!

📚 Marketing School 📚
Today’s Lesson: Optimizing Instagram Sales

Social media is an essential part of growing your brand - this much I’m sure you know. The problem is that your socials are often fragmented: the content you put out on TikTok isn’t necessarily the same content you want to share on your company’s Instagram or Facebook, and it might not fit the restrictions of Threads or X. On top of that, monitoring comments, messages, and replies can demand time that you simply do not have, but if you don’t make sure your audience is getting their questions answered, you miss out on potential sales.

“In a survey commissioned by Meta, 83% of respondents said Instagram helps them discover new products and services.” - BigCommerce

Luckily, there are tools in place to help lighten the load and capitalize on this opportunity. Let’s talk about Instagram’s DM auto-reply feature. To enable this feature, you can follow the steps linked here. With Instagram auto-reply, you can effectively respond to your audience’s questions without having to monitor the app 24/7. More importantly, you don’t miss out on a potential sale simply because your time was spent working on brand strategy or delivering the product or service.

Beyond the auto-reply DM feature, there are more tools that can help you manage your social media workload. With Hootsuite, you can centralize your inbox across socials to respond in a customized manner, and with ManyChat, you can create auto-replies for comments (even more effective than DM auto-reply).

One last key to optimizing your Instagram DMs for sales is with payments in chat. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available everywhere, but it essentially enables businesses to transact with a customer within the direct message chat screen. Your sales will never be more effective.

If you found this helpful, let us know below, and good luck optimizing your Instagram sales!

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