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🛠️ Tools for Side Hustlers 🛠️ 
🔍️ What we found for you this week 🔍️ 

  • 🦖 Moshi - High-quality content generation in one click

  • 📳 Vibrato - AI assistant that can make phone calls and other “human” tasks

  • ThinkDiffusion - AI art generator for better branding

  • 📝 Papermark - AI assistant for shared and received documents

  • 🔁 LoopGenius - Automate your marketing process to land the first 100 customers for your personal brand, side hustle, or business

🦖 Featured tool: Moshi 🦖

Enough is enough. It’s time to stop spending hours upon hours writing blog articles and other content for your products when you have more pressing matters to attend to. Most of the time, writing these articles doesn’t require much critical thinking, and yet we still don’t trust an AI to do it for us. I promise you, it does NOT need to be this way. Let AI make your life easier - starting with Moshi.

With Moshi, you can create articles like a pro without being one. Some of the advantages that Moshi offers include: 1-click article generation, CMS integrations, SEO optimization, copyright-free images, and flawless formatting. Generate, review, publish. That’s all it takes to churn out content faster than 10 people ever could. Try Moshi for free today.

📚 Marketing School 📚
Today’s Lesson: Do Facebook Ads Work?

The short answer: yes, Facebook Ads do work. But, you have to know how to use them correctly. Marketers often get caught up in the pricing differences between various advertising channels, whether Google Ads or Facebook Ads offer a better deal. In reality, however, the effectiveness of a given ad on any marketing channel depends on a number of factors: audience targeting, campaign duration, competitiveness of the industry, time of year, time of day, location, and more.

“There are tons of users on Facebook, but sending an ad out into the void doesn’t result in tons of conversions. The key to Facebook’s advertising is targeting. Facebook has the best ad targeting of any site.” - Emma Siemasko, Wordstream

Facebook Ads reign supreme

Step one is determining clear objectives for your ads, which requires an understanding of your target audience. Who do you want this ad to reach? A broad demographic, which will likely have a low conversion rate, or a niche one that is more likely to engage with the ad? If you already know your ICP (a great resource for how to figure this out linked here), you should likely favor a small but specific audience, whereas if you are still searching for product-market fit, you should go broad and see who interacts with the ad.

Step two is leveraging Facebook’s settings to accommodate your goals. We all know Facebook tracks a scary amount of our data, but as an advertiser, it can actually play to your advantage. In the settings of Facebook Ads, you can have your ad shown to custom audiences - this could include individual accounts you think would be interested in your product/service, or existing leads who have interacted with previous ad campaigns. From there, you can refine your campaign by location (city, state, country), gender, interests (e.g., fitness, entrepreneurship, fashion, literature, etc.), behavior (how often someone interacts with your website), and connections (who they follow).

When Facebook advertises the perfect Christmas gift for each member of my family within a 10min span

Step three, and perhaps the most important, is writing the content for your ad. No matter how effectively you get an ad in front of the right audience, it doesn’t matter if your ad isn’t good. Great advertising copy can persuade, excite, and entertain. It makes connections, cuts out excess information, and makes the choice to proceed seem obvious. It’s an essential part of a successful ad. One of the most important aspects to remember when designing your ad is that your final goal is to direct the viewer to another page, which requires a call to action. Keep your ad concise, with a provoking visual, and tell your audience where to go to get more information.

Some more resources to help you advertise like a pro:
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If you have any suggestions for next week’s lesson, let us know here, and good luck advertising on Facebook!

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